franklin riley

 Franklin has worked in the fine art and gallery world for over twenty years. He is currently the Gallery Director at Fulton Market Gallery. He was the original Art Curator for the award winning, graffiti filled restaurant Fulton Market Kitchen, and is a current active artist in residence.

Franklin was born in downtown Detroit and grew up on a small farm near the runways and overhead flight patterns of Metro Airport. Originally in the sculpture program at GVSU, he went on to complete his BFA studies in painting & art history at Kendall College of Art & Design in Michigan. 

Later he would spend years living among the mountains of Colorado, the sea of Cortez in Mexico, and traveling throughout the Italian countryside and Europe. A time in which helped develop his sense of artistic style and the open embrace of different cultures. 

The in-depth study and subtle understanding of direct and reflected light, and the way it alters color, temperature, and even the shape of objects play an important role in much of his work.

Working primarily with oils, he creates groups of stylized landscapes, urban cityscapes, and abstract pieces with strong brushwork, and simple yet bold compositions.